The Transform path is a six-month design bootcamp for cohorts of 5-10 schools seeking to redesign their entire school model for personalized learning.  

Each school in the cohort is represented by a team of 1-2 admins and 3-4 teachers who work together to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Engage a diverse group of community stakeholders in the transformation process.
  • Develop a School Transformation Blueprint, which outlines how your entire school model will will become fully personalized over a 3-year period.
  • Within one year of Blueprint implementation, engage your broader staff in delivering  5-10 hours each week of personalized learning time for at least 30% of students.

Design Experience

We support schools with several specific strands of work to maximize their success in achieving transformation, including:

  • Engaging stakeholders in the redesign process
  • Employing best practices in curricula and instructional models
  • Strategically transforming resource deployment, such as staffing model and schedule
  • Measuring, tracking and reporting implementation progress and outcomes

Transformation Resources

The Transform path is compatible with any type of school model and specialization, such as S.T.E.A.M., linked learning, expeditionary learning, and project-based learning.

While use of personalized learning is a common expectation for any new model, we also partner with subject-matter experts to facilitate deep, rigorous practice design for your specific areas of interest.

MDC provides four design workshops, 20 hours of on-demand site-based consulting, next gen school tours, and access to free online design guides and research to assist in the completion of your Blueprint.

Personalized learning research available to MDC partner schools

Personalized learning research available to MDC partner schools

Transformation Blueprint

School Transformation Blueprints include all the necessary planning and details for expansion of personalized learning across your school.

Through the creation of these blueprints, each school addresses both strategic and operational issues such as scheduling, staffing and even physical space.

Authored by the school team itself with support from MDC, these documents create a clear path to schoolwide personalized learning.

Personalized learning schedule

Personalized learning schedule

Classroom layout diagram

Classroom layout diagram

School Impact

Summary-level view of Lodestar 3-year Implementation Roadmap

3-year Implementation Roadmap

By the end of the Transform program every school team will have a reimagined theory of change, personalized instructional model, and a 3-year implementation roadmap to propel their work forward.

Teams are expected to engage families and community stakeholders in presenting, revising, and implementing their school transformation plan.

During the first year of implementation, MDC will visit the school each semester to assess and support each team’s progress against its Blueprint goals.