The Prototype path is a three-month design bootcamp for cohorts of 5-10 schools seeking to boost student outcomes through personalized learning.

Each school in the cohort is represented by a team of 1-2 admins and 3-4 teachers. They work together to create and launch a personalized learning prototype in two or more classrooms.

By design, this prototype impacts 60-100 students with at least 3-5 hours a week of dedicated personalized learning time.

Design Experience

Poster completed by Prototype school team, Summer 2016

Poster completed by Prototype school team, Summer 2016

Each school’s prototype is crafted with a user-centered approach, which includes in-depth interviews with students, families, and teachers.

Teams draw from the design thinking process, relying on rapid iteration and experimentation to launch and learn from new practices.

Prototypes are designed to be evolutionary, and schools iterate until their prototype increases student outcomes.

Prototype Resources

MDC creates a custom resource portal for each client, granting them permanent and free access to a wealth of resources.

Prototype participants can access a wide variety of materials from the online portal such as workshop materials, prototype examples and guides to personalized learning research.

Prototype Examples
Personalized Learning Research

Student Impact

Prototype participants become well-versed in personalized learning concepts as they move through multiple design workshops, access 10 hours of on-demand, site-based coaching and learn from specially-curated artifacts on personalized instruction.

Their understanding is quickly translated to action, as each school team then builds and launches a new, personalized instructional model directly within their own schools.

At the end of the Prototype path, schools produce a plan to expand their prototype into more classrooms.