The Prioritize path helps school leadership to identify their organization’s unique set of needs, strengths and challenges.

This informs each school’s optimal path to personalized learning (PL) and provides the necessary context for the planning and launch of a  school-wide transformation.

At the end of the Prioritize path, each school receives a comprehensive diagnostic report with detailed recommendations to support their adoption of personalized learning.

Personalized Learning Diagnostic

Our two-week Prioritize path begins when we partner with central office staff to identify a cohort of schools to participate in MDC’s Personalized Learning Diagnostic.

Scoring Categories

The diagnostic assesses interests, strengths and opportunities for growth in PL. It consists of multiple surveys, interviews, and an onsite walkthrough for each school.

It measures school leadership and staff along six categories, each of which will impact the organization's capacity for school transformation.

Based on our analysis of these six categories, we prepare a report with insights and recommendations for each school in the cohort.

School-Specific Recommendations

Within each category there are six performance indicators that measure both staff and leadership capacity for transformation.

The degree of leadership alignment is measured along every indicator, identifying gaps between staff and leadership scores.

These recommendations provide the foundation for the school’s ongoing prototyping work and transformation priorities.