Paths to Personalized Learning online course portal

Paths to Personalized Learning online course portal

The Empower path is a series of self-directed learning courses for leaders and teachers who wish to become certified in multiple personalized learning competencies.

These courses are accessed via our Pathways to Personalized Learning training portal, and include content and activities across a variety of modalities including asynchronous instruction, in-person workshops, live webinars, and classroom observations.

Competency-Based Learning Experience

Students complete customizable lessons by creating and uploading evidence of mastery. This competency-based curriculum spans not only online media but multiple lesson delivery formats.

While all courses on the MDC learning platform are competency-based, participants have the option to receive direct professional development and guided practice on any competency prior to applying for mastery and final certification.

Digital Badges

Learners earn digital badges in specific competencies by completing tasks and submitting artifacts that demonstrate mastery.

Badges earned are Mozilla OBI compliant and shareable across all of your social media accounts. Upon completion of each course, participants also have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits.